Top Reasons Why Your Booty Isn’t Growing

Top Reasons Why Your Booty Isn’t Growing

Let me guess–you’re doing squats all day everyday, but you’re confused why you’re not getting a bigger butt? Stop what you’re doing. I repeat. Stop what you’re doing. Squats are great. Will they get you a bigger butt? Maybe–if it’s done with strategy. But if your workouts aren’t planned or consistent you’ll risk seeing any type of booty growth. Do it wrong enough and you might even see it getting smaller. Glute building is a science. Attack the workouts like a science and you’ll get guaranteed results. Keep reading to learn why you might be not be seeing booty growth:

You’re Not Doing the Right Exercises

The first place to evaluate is your exercise selection. In my previous post, I go over the best types of exercises to build a butt fast and efficiently. These consist of pumpers, activators, and stretchers. In order to get even the stubbornest glutes to grow you have to select the appropriate exercises from each category. Picking through different exercises in the pumper, activator, and stretcher categories will target and challenge your glutes to grow.

You’re Not Lifting Frequent Enough

On top of picking the appropriate exercises you have to make sure you’re lifting frequent enough. Yes, “lifting” includes the pumper exercises, that are often only body weight or band resistance. However, this means that they are done in the higher rep range (think  up to 30-50 for 2 sets) and anywhere from 4-7 days a week. The frequency range is completely dependent on the person. A good rule of thumb: wait until you’re not sore before doing any activator/stretcher type exercises. Pumpers, despite causing a high metabolic stress, they have a lower activation level and generally go through a smaller range of motion. Translation: it’s safe to do them just about every damn day.

You’re Not Lifting Heavy Enough

When you do select to do the activator and stretcher type exercises it’s important to remember to select your weight appropriately. If your rep range is 8-10 make sure you can only do 8-10 reps with a given weight. You’ll know it’s too easy if once you reach 8-10 it can feel like you can do a few more reps. Likewise if your rep range is 6-8 your weight selection should be higher than your 8-10 range. Always make it a goal to go up 2.5lbs per week. Be safe, but don’t be afraid to push yourself.

You’re Not Eating Enough

If your workouts consistent of the right exercises, the right weight, and the right frequency the next place to evaluate is your nutrition. In order to grow muscle you must eat in a surplus. This does not mean you’ll pack on a ton of fat and have cellulite from your ass to your ankles. This is required to build and tone muscle. Without adjusting your calories your body will stay in a “maintenance” mode. Additionally, if you’re not giving your body enough energy you wont be able to sustain heavier, more frequent lifts with will absolutely halt your booty growth.

You’re Doing Too Much Cardio

Lastly, just like nutrition this all comes comes back to: calories in > calories out. If you can’t get off the treadmill, you’re burning excessive calories. You will already be burning a high level of calories with your regular lifting schedule and on top of that will need to up your calorie intake to push past a booty building plateau. Save the spin class for when you’re goals are to lose weight–not build muscle.